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The Credit Union Web Site Audit reviews your credit union's web site for compliance with e-Commerce Guide For Credit Unions issued in November 2002 by the NCUA and the FFIEC interagency Guidance on Electronic Financial Services and Consumer Compliance dated July 15, 1998. 

We have identified 17 federal regulations and over 130 questions that relate to an Internet web site.  Our years of examining experience gives us the understanding of federal regulations necessary to properly conduct your web site audit.  This understanding and experience will provide you with a professional and constructive audit at an affordable price.

Noncompliance with consumer disclosure regulations could exposure your officers and Directors to civil penalties and potential liability.  A Web Site Audit will help prevent these unwanted problems.

Internet access allows us to perform the initial audit and monitoring of your credit union's web site from our office in Lubbock, Texas.  If we are monitoring your site either semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly, we will provide you an e-mail outlining our findings and any corrective actions to take.

When our Initial Web Site Audit certifies your site compliant and when we monitor your site, your home page will be authorized to display our Financial Web Site Audit® seal that signifies that your web site conforms to federal regulations.  This certification shows members and potential members to your web site that you care about the accuracy of the contents.


For information about the different web site auditing options, pricing, company due diligence, etc., please complete the web site audit information form.  Or, please email Kinney Williams at or call 806-798-7119.

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